Na Kama Hele

Na Kama Hele are Peter Apo, Mike Botts, Rick Cunha, Joe Lamanno and Charlie Oyama. All but Rick were formerly the sixties folk-rock band the Travelers Three. After nearly 30 years they reunited and asked old friend Rick Cunha, who was in another 60's folk band named Hearts & Flowers, to join them. As Na Kama Hele they turned to an all Hawaiian folk music line up of traditional and contemporary Hawaiian songs that center on the uniquely Hawaiian style of guitar playing called "slack key" or "ki-ho'alu". The tracks are fully loaded with vocals that ride on a wave of guitars, steel guitars, ukelele, bass, drums, and Hawaiian percussion instruments.
  • Peter Apo - Songwriter, guitarist, record producer. Hawaiian-Chinese ancestry. Settled down now in Honolulu. Has a passion for movies and Border's bookstores bargain table. Had a post-Travelers Three career road managing concert tours with Mac Davis, Helen Reddy, Kenny Rogers, War, and bunches of others. Returned to Hawai'i in' 1975 and had a life change to community work and serving as a state legislator. Continued pursuing his music by writing songs and producing CDs among which is a solo release Mangoes, Witches, Coconuts and Dragons. Now a Native Hawaiian cultural tourism advocate and University of Hawai'i lecturer.
  • Mike Botts - One of L.A.'s top drummers, Mike passed away from colon cancer December 9 , 2005. Grew up in Sacramento, Califormia. Portugese ancestry. Had a passion for sailing. Loved to conjure up tasty home cooked cuisine. Found life after the Travelers Three in the L.A. studios and then rode to stardom with the platinum award winning band Bread. He then found another life after Bread touring with Linda Ronstadt, Dan Fogelberg and other such folk. An accomplished songwriter as well, Mike has a solo compact disc release titled Adults Only.
  • Rick Cunha - Hawaiian-Portugese. Record producer, professional songwriter, multiple instrument musician. Distinguished himself by being the only Na Kama Hele band member that was not one of the Travelers Three. Instead he played with another wonderful 60's folk band named Hearts and Flowers. Sole proprietor of the Rainbow Garage recording studio in Burbank, California. Has been known to straddle a mountain bike or a motorcycle. Makes a mean cup of coffee. Rick's grandfather, Sonny Cunha, was a well known Hawaiian songwriter and hapa-haole music legend.
  • Joe Lamanno - A good Italian boy with roots in Sacramento. A genuine free and gentle spirit. Bass player extraordinaire. After the Travelers Three he did lots of road time with some great bands like the Association, the Turtles and Bill Medley of the Righteous Brothers, as well as keeping active in the L.A. studio scene. Traded the chaos of L.A. for the serenity of the high desert in Silverado, California. Is an accomplished artist in the stained glass medium. Has distinguished himself devoting much of his life supporting humanitarian causes and making the world a better place.
  • Charlie Oyama - Hawaiian, Chinese, Japanese Ancestry. From Honolulu, Hawai'i but now settled in Glendale, California. Hawaiian slack key guitar virtuoso who also plays a mean five string banjo. Passion for the Hawaiian language. Has lots of guitars. Public tournament tennis champion around L.A. Has lots of tennis rackets. Cooks great Hawaiian plate lunches and other Pacific palate pleasures. Gave up his day job to play music, clean yard, and cook. Looks cool in his Mercedes.

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